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Stress & Anxiety at New High

More than ever, people are experiencing stress in their lives. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues. Approximately 20% of adults, and 8% of children experience some type of anxiety.  Our current political climate is also increasing the level of stress for many of us.  

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What Makes and Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety can be described as a reaction to a perceived stressor where the mind and body act as if there is clear and present danger.  It typically takes the form of fearful thoughts about the future, or some event that causes stress, like public speaking.  Panic attacks are the the most difficult manifestation of anxiety, causing a person to be stricken with crippling bodily sensations (increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, and overwhelming fear, often embarrassment).  

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Relief is in Site

I specialize in anxiety therapy in the Chicago Loop.  I use a variety of services, including psychotherapy and mind/body modalities (biofeedback, hypnosis, and mindfulness meditation) to help people better manage their symptoms.  Many people find that after a few sessions, they learn skills to turn the table on stress and worry, and are able to find relief from their symptoms, and experience more peace in their lives.  

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