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What Kind of Payments Do You Accept? How Much are Sessions?

I accept cash, credit cards, checks, and reimbursement from several major insurance companies.  I have fixed prices for my services.  However, I believe psychology services are of great value for a community. Therefor, I offer a sliding scale to a percentage of my caseload. This allows individuals on a fixed income without insurance to receive help.  

As of this writing (August 2017) my rates are $180.00 for an hour session, and $200.00 for 90 minutes.  Corporate presentations and trainings and clinical training prices vary the length and extent of work involved in organization time and workload. 

Which Insurances Do You Accept?

I am paneled with BCBS IL PPO, Cigna PPO, Humana PPO, and Medicare, and Cigna HealthSpring.  I also accept patients as an out-of-network provider. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Insurance Vs. Out-of-Pocket Payments?

The main pro for using insurance to pay for your sessions is economic.  Over time, psychotherapy can be very expensive.  Insurance will allow you to offset the costs.  

If you use insurance, the insurance company will have access to your medical records, including any mental health records.  Paying out-of-pocket will insure your privacy.  

Are All Services Covered By My Insurance?

Psychotherapy is, by and large, covered by insurance.  Mind-Body treatments are often incorporated in these services.  The amount covered depends entirely upon the insurance company and your contract with them.  

Insurance companies do not usually cover psychological testing fees. Psychological testing is a labor intensive, time consuming service.  Because of this, it is more expensive than psychotherapy. Your insurance company may agree to cover part of the charge, but the difference would need to be paid for out-of-pocket by you.  Insurance companies usually require pre-certification before agreeing to pay for the service.  This can often take time. If you are in need of a fast results from this service, insurance re-imbursement may not be the best option for you. 

Corporate Consultation and Coaching are not covered under insurance.

What Are the Differences Between Your Services?

There is a great deal of variety in the services I offer.  I have detailed these in the other pages on this website. The main difference for you, the consumer, is  what the goal of the service is, and how much time, realistically, must be considered for the results you are seeking.


Psychotherapy, coaching, or consulting (online or in-person sessions) are typically ongoing, and weekly or bi-weekly in nature.  The length of time they proceed with depends on the nature of the problem being addressed. Coaching and consulting can be one to four sessions, or an ongoing service with the client.


Psychological testing takes place over a period of days or weeks.  Sessions do not continue after a feedback session, and results have been discussed. 

Do You Have Any Forms I Will Fill Out Before the First Session?

Why, of course.  My forms can be found on this page.  

Dr. Hoye's Curriculum Vitae

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How Can I Get Started?

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I'm Dr. Scott Hoye, a psychologist in the River North and Chicago Loop.  I speak with each potential client to make sure that the relationship we establish will work for both of us.  Contact me for a free consultation and learn more about psychological testing, psychotherapy, and hypnosis  in River North and the Chicago Loop.  

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