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Biofeedback in Chicago Illinois

Reduce anxiety, stress and pain

Biofeedback is an evidence-based treatment for anxiety, pain management and can help to improve your overall sense of well-being.  Treatment is typically coupled with physical and mental training by a therapist.  The use of a biofeedback device helps you to learn self-control of muscle tension, be more consciously aware and take charge of your body. 

How Does Biofeedback Work?

A closer look

Biofeedback devices are everywhere.  You probably have one or two in your home.  Do you have a thermometer, a mirror, or a bathroom scale?  Then you have a biofeedback device.  Biofeedback is just feedback about some aspect of your physical body. 

Biofeedback Machines

Biofeedback machines that are used in psychology measure a number of areas of human physiology.  These can include surface muscle tension, nervous systems activity, brainwave and heart rate.  

These devices are used to give you more awareness of your body's reaction to relaxation exercises and mind/body techniques (such as hypnosis).  This feedback allows you to better understand and learn more control of your physical response to stress or pain. 

Biofeedback Offered

I currently offer a full range of biofeedback therapy sensors, including surface EMG, galvanic skin response, temperature, respiration, and heart rate variability.  Biofeedback can assist with the management of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.  It can help you to gain better understanding of your body's responses to stress, gain more control over your mind and body, and provide relief.  

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Biofeedback in the Chicago Loop

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