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Psychotherapy and Psychology in Chicago

A Safe Place

Resolving Difficulties in a Secure Place. In today's world, stress, sadness, and overwhelming feelings are increasingly on the rise. A person can search for answers but not quite know where to turn to.  Having a place to talk safely and openly can be the first step.  

Depression and Anxiety Therapy Chicago

New Understanding

Psychotherapy can help you ​by providing you with a better understanding into your problems, offer therapeutic tools to more effectively manage life, and insight into yourself.  Psychotherapy can be very helpful not just in "fixing your problem" but in also increasing the quality of a person's life.

Psychotherapy can help with a number of issues, including depression/sadness, the winter blues, stress and anxiety, trauma/PTSD, dissociative disorders, weight management, smoking cessation, and pain management.  

Creativity Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Chicago

Generative Work

You might be wondering: are psychologists born that way? The answer to that question, like many answers in life, is yes and no.

Before stepping into this field, I spent many years working as an actor and musician, and I hold an undergraduate degree in fine art.  Because of this background, I love to work with people on creative issues.  These can include creative blocks, such as performance anxiety, and enhancement of abilities and talents.  Keep in mind that when I use the word creativity, it can mean both the “big creativity” such as the arts, but it also can be an aspect of working in other fields .  Enhancement of ability by increasing a state of openness can help with business, sports, and other activities.

Who Are You?

Navy Pier Chicago

I work with a broad spectrum of patients.  Some of my patients are in business fields, others creative fields, or entrepreneurship.  Some are home makers, journeyman laborers, or civil servants. It might be pretty obvious that I like to work with people who have a creative background.  We all tend to understand people who are like us.  But my job is to understand as wide a number of individuals as possible, and I sense that I do that pretty consistently.  Many of my patients find  that they feel accepted and safely guided in session with me. 

Understanding the patients is, statistically, the biggest chunk of what makes psychotherapy work. It also helps to assess and resolve your issues as well.  ​​

All Together Now?

Wherever you are from, or whatever you do, I hope you understand a bit more about how psychotherapy can help you reach your goals and overcome your problems. 

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I appreciate your about psychotherapy in Chicago.  I'm Dr. Scott Hoye, a psychologist in Chicago. You can feel free to contact me about a free phone consultation about psychotherapy services. 

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