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Mental Wellbeing

From Worry & Sadness to Peace of Mind

You may be overwhelmed by work, experience physical pain, feel increased stress, find it difficult to feel good in your own skin in public, or experience sadness because of a loss or stressful life event.  

Counseling and Discovery

My services can help you find more joy, pinpoint your inner capacity for change, and find a way out of a "stuck place." I provide psychotherapy, online therapy, psychological assessment testing, hypnosis, biofeedback, and consultation and coaching

Your Unique Viewpoint

I work with you in mind first.  Psychobabble and jargon are replaced with language you understand.  I apply tools you can apply that help you move toward your goals, find the keys to ease your anxiety and stress, reduce depression, break free of trauma, and live a more satisfying life.  You can find out more about me and my approach here.


Hypnosis, psychotherapy, psychological testing, biofeedback, pain management in Chicago Loop

Psychological Services in Chicago

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I'm Dr. Scott Hoye, a psychologist in the Chicago Loop.  Your questions and inquiries are appreciated.

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