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Psychological  Testing Chicago, IL

Why Testing?

Psychological testing is a very helpful resource for people in many situations.  It is often sought after when a person wants better clarity about a previous diagnosis.  It is also used in court cases to provide forensic evidence.  It is used in educational settings to clarify if an individual educational plan or accommodation.  It can be used in medical setting to determine fitness for surgery, and it can be used to determine if cognitive deficits are present. 

How It Can Help

Cognitive Testing:  Typical problem areas people seek this service for are school related issues, such as ADHD diagnoses or learning disorders.

​Psychological Assessments:  This type of battery is provided in order to focus specifically for further understanding complicated diagnostic presentations.  Clients can seek this out for themselves or for members of their family.  

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment:  Pre-surgery screening specifically to provide a clearance report for surgery to a patient’s doctor. 

Dementia Screening:  This battery has elements of cognitive and neuropsychological testing, but with an eye toward working with individuals who may be suffering from dementia. 

The Process

For each case I conduct a lengthy interview.  This may take up to two sessions and can include the patient and family members.  Upon completion of the psychological interview, I consider which assessments are necessary to best answer the questions regarding your issues.  Depending on the size of the assessment battery, the testing process can take up to several hours, on several days. After testing has been completed, I analyze the assessment information, and create a written draft of a report.  When this is ready, I will meet with you for a feedback session.  During this time, we go over the initial report and you help me refine it by going over the results.  

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I'd be glad to discuss my psychological testing services with you.  I'm Dr. Scott Hoye, a psychologist in the Chicago Loop.  Feel free to call me to find out about psychological testing in the Chicago Loop or River North.  

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