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Online therapy and counseling can help you access the services you need from the comfort of your home. Studies have shown that online mental health services can provide the benefits of therapy and counseling for people who lack mental health resources in their area. Likewise, when a person cannot make an in-person appointment, they can conveniently connect with a therapist from their computer. For instance, let’s say you are taking a family vacation, but you still feel the need for support with sadness or stress. Online access to your therapist can, in most cases, provide the service you need if you don’t have access to a face-to-face session.   This can be helpful for people in rural areas. 

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Added Confidentiality of Online Therapy

One of the benefits of online mental health services is that it provides more  confidentiality. Sometimes people find that entering a mental health clinic or psychology office can be intimidating. Choosing to reach out to a psychologist or counselor from the privacy of your home can be a helpful alternative, and the start of a helpful therapeutic experience.

Online Therapy with Expats in Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai & Emirates

Online Therapy with Ex Pats

I work with US ex-pats and English speaking clients in other countries. Many people who take Foreign Service or business positions in other countries discover that it is difficulty to adjust to life away from home. Sadness, isolation, stress and anxiety can manifest as they find their way around in a foreign land.  Cultural differences can be jarring. Couples can endure difficulties.  I have an understanding of how this adjustment can lake a tole on people, because I spend several weeks living in South Asia every year. 

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I use Doxy Me, an online psychology and tele health platform.  This service is absolutely free and easy to use.  It is HIPAA compliant, meaning that the confidentiality of your your health records and the sessions are securely protected.  


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