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Corporate Consultation

Corporate teams often undergo burnout, work fatigue and stress. Psychological consultation can be useful in helping to reverse that burnout, increase productivity, enhance brainstorming and creativity, and increase group cohesiveness. I offer group presentations and individual consultation.  

Executive Coaching and Psychology Chicago Illinois


Private coaching can help individuals to help you:

  • Improve Leadership Skills
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Reduce work related stress and burnout
  • Increase productivity

Creativity Flow Psychology in Chicago Illinois

Increasing Flow & Creativity

Creativity and flow are two things that the workplace is increasingly in need of in the current market.  Thinking outside the box is  a necessary part of today's corporate and business culture.  Problems solving is flow enhancement.  Flow begets creativity; the ability to pivot and see new direction for your product or your company.  

The Psychology Advantage

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Psychology Vs. Executive Coach

When you work with a psychologist you receive more for your money than if you just hire an executive coach.  Psychologists are trained at better connecting, understanding, and assisting people on a very personable level.  Our experience with the variety of human behavior, both good and bad, is far more expert and thorough.  

Psychological Services

Psychological services can include personality and IQ testing, counseling and coaching, and psychotherapy.  Various services that I offer include hypnosis and biofeedback.  Both of those tools help a person overcome performance anxiety, enhance creativity and productivity, set goals, and enhance overall well being in times of stress. 

Beyond the Basics

In addition to the above services, I am trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, a peak performance tool used by many trainers with their client. I studied this modality before obtaining my graduate degree in clinical psychology and have over 15 years of experience with it.  I also have a background in performing and visual arts.  My dissertation research was in creativity and hypnosis.  You can search my website for more of my services, and find out more about me.

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Corporate Consultation in Chicago

I am a psychologist in Chicago, Illinois.  Drop me a line to find out more about corporate consultation and coaching in Chicago.

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